Higher flexibility and more availability are currently the market requirements for machine tools. OPS-INGERSOLL accordingly developed the new HSC machine HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9.

Double gantry drive, uncompromising in the machining of steel and compact dimensions with impressive travel – the list of highlights of the new HSC machine HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9 could go on and on. The main goal of the decision-makers at OPS-INGERSOLL
however was to develop a high-performance machine that can be used for the machining of steel with no compromises. With a double gantry drive this was obviously achieved, since the second drive in the X axis – thus far unique in this class – offers substantial advantages with respect to dynamics and rigidity. In addition the
C axis is equipped with a direct drive, which allows speed of > 100 rpm.

OPS-INGERSOLL also introduced an innovation in this machine with respect to the spindle configuration, especially for
HSK A63, with 26,000 rpm and 25 kW. The use of the new spindle generation with internal coolant supply (ICS), which minimises expansion, will bring an enormous reduction of the time- and cost-intensive "warm-up times" in the future. This means that the HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9 from OPS-INGERSOLL is setting new standards with respect to precision and machining times. The HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9, in addition to the new HSK A63 with high torque, will also be offered with the spindle variants HSK E40 (42,000 rpm, 15 kW) and with HSK E50 (36,000 rpm, 17 kW) and HSK A63 (24,000 rpm, 22 kW).

A common denominator – automation

Despite diverse highlights the top priority at OPS-INGERSOLL is to maintain high flexibility and therefore the capabilities for automation. On the one hand, the HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9 is convincing with its compact dimensions of 3,120 x 2,180 mm, height 2,850 mm and travel of
600 x 800 x 500 mm. On the other hand the 5-axis machine is designed according to the internationally patented variable 3/5-axis concept. That means that in the 3-axis version the machine can accept workpieces with a weight of up to 2,000 kg on a table measuring 1,000 x 600 mm. The newly developed B/C-axis, on the other hand, can hold workpieces weighing up to 500 kg for 5-axis synchronous machining in the working area (Ǿ 600 x 550 mm).

With respect to automation, pallets up to 500 x 500 mm can be automatically changed in from both the left and right, therefore not interfering with operation from the front. This makes it possible to equip the machine with robots of all types; even a tool management system could be integrated with the same robot.

Equipped with the Heidenhain controller iTNC 530 HSCI, the HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9 is designed for optimal integration in a shop environment. In addition, the HIGH SPEED EAGLE V9 is prepared for diverse coolants (air, water, minimum lubrication).