• Efficiency leap

    A fully automated machining center from OPS-Ingersoll, com- bined with Batch Process Manager from the HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 opened up exciting new economic and technological perspectives for Dömer Stanz- und Umformtechnologie.




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  • Success story GoTools

  • Real-Time Mold Production

    An automated five-axis machining/EDM cell offers a cost-effective alternative to series and batch mold manufacturing.

    Today’s mold builders must focus on quality, cost and delivery in order to improve productivity and remain competitive in the marketplace, but how is this best accomplished? In the past, moldmaking revolved around the individual skills of master moldmakers, but today that pool of craftsmen has grown ever smaller, and fewer or no replacements are entering the market.


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  • In the fast lane with high-quality EDM and HSC technology

    Finke Formenbau manufacures moulds and injection-moulded parts for premium cars. The company's order books are already full for the next six month. This is a result of the efficiency and quality the company achieves, among other things, high-quality EDM and HSC technology.


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  • Portuguese mould makers pushing the limits

    Like most European manufacturers, Portuguese mould makers are unable to compete on price alone. Those who take advantage of the latest technology, such as a combination of EDM technology and high-speed machining, will have an edge up on the competition.

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