Large-format gantry machine

The requirements for larger components and precise detail machining are met by the new gantry EAGLE 1400.

The high traversing speed (EAGLE POWER JUMP) and the EAGLE POWER TEC generator technology enable dynamic and efficient machining of both large moulds and complex workpieces with the GANTRY EAGLE 1400.

As an option, the GANTRY EAGLE 1400 can also be offered in a „plus“-version. The work-tank in this version is 1.510 x 2.590 x 1.015 mm, with a maximum dielectric height of 975 mm and a maximum open height of 300/1.200 mm. This results in axis-travel ways (X/Y/Z) of 1.250 x 2.350 x 900 mm.

technical data

Distance table / electrode holder min. 230 mm / max. 930 mm
Work table load capacity 10,000 kg
Top load 300 kg
Table support area 1,380 x 2,380 mm
High speed jump max. 18,000 mm / min.
Machine dimensions W x D x H 2,640 x 5,100 x 3,950 mm