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Our unique EAGLE POWERTEC development has revolutionised EDM – especially in use with graphite, but also with copper. Take advantage of the innovative power of this technology development to secure the decisive competitive advantage.

Multiple cavity machining with graphite
In many cases EAGLE POWERTEC makes the finishing electrode superfluous so that machining is possible with only one electrode. This eliminates the manufacturing costs for a second electrode, which is often more expensive than the actual EDM process.

  • No manufacturing costs for a second electrode
  • Faster processing due to elimination of time-consuming measurement and setup

Copper machining

In use with copper the EAGLE POWERTEC also offers
enormous performance potential. Compared to the standard, the machining time can be reduced by up to 50 %!

Adaptive flow form

  • Maximum machining speeds
  • Minimal radial overcuts
  • Minimal electrode wear
  • Shorter machining time
  • Minimisation of the electrode wear

Hard metal machining

High process reliability allows high machining speed and precise results even without flushing.

  • No flushing
  • Precise results
  • High machining speed